Saturday, July 3, 2010


I am now back in the States! It is very eye opening to return to your country after such a long time. Where am I headed next? I move back to Los Angeles end of this month. Here are some photos of my mom and I during our week stay hanging out in Manhattan.


Well...I have now moved back to the States. I left Sevilla on June 3rd and decided to spend a week in Iceland with my Icelandic friends on the way to New York City. My friends Jón, Auður, Birta, Birna, and I did a road trip circling the entire Island, stopping at different places including Jón's summerhouse in the east of the Island. We also came pretty close to the volcano causing all the trouble for flights in Europe. The Island is awesome this time of year since there is hardly any darkness and I definitely recommend Iceland as a place to visit. These are some of the photos:

Iceland II